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what people are saying about dialed in fitting ...

"Lauren to the rescue! I have been havIng some really bad knee pain while riding my peloton and was worried I was going to have to give it up. A friend recommended getting a professional fit for the bike and Dialed In was my first call. Lauren came out the next day and quickly identified the problems (there were multiple). She completely reconfigured my cleat position, the seat height, the seat distance and handlebar position. Lauren was super thorough and took her time getting everything where she wanted  it down to the tiniest of tweaking. 

I noticed the difference in my first ride and each subsequent ride has just gotten better. I couldn't be more please with the service."

~ Kyle W, Venice Beach

"After putting it off for far too long I finally got a bike fit at the recommendation of nearly every cyclist I know. 

I asked around and everyone told me to go to Lauren. Online reviews are one thing but when multiple people you know tell you to go to someone, you know they must be good. 

I met up with Lauren and she went through every possible measurement and adjustment with me. Since it was my first fit I needed a lot of work. I used to experience numbness from time to time on climbs or long rides. I was able to share my concerns and she listened and adjusted accordingly. 

Immediately after my bike fitting I went on a century ride with some other cyclists. I can safely say this was the ultimate test and I never once felt any discomfort or pain. 

If you ride recreationally, race, or just want to get some fitness in, do yourself a favor and get fit by Lauren. Not only is she friendly and eager to help but she will provide you with a great service that will undoubtedly prevent future injuries."

~ Andres A, Westchester/LAX

"I was referred to Lauren by a couple of people of varying bicycling levels. All of them spoke very highly of her and they were all spot on.

Lauren is a knowledgeable, focused and precise bike fitter. In our two hour appointment and follow up, she told me what she was doing and why in language that I could understand. And when I wanted some more technical information, she was able to provide that as well. She really knows her stuff to an almost mind blowing degree.

The thing I probably liked the best was the ride along a week after the fitting. Riding on a trainer is one facet but real world conditions really help to get things dialed in even more. The back pain I was experiencing is now gone."

~ Seth M, Culver City 

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